Logistic is one of the profession of SUNROSE® by the ability of well experienced staff for just in time policy. All orders are organized by the logistic department of SUNROSE® from the first stage of the production until delivery. SUNROSE® mainly operates it’s deliveries from Izmir port by marine way to the world markets with the agreed incoterms. The most common shipping lines have been contracted with the freight rates and conditions to decrease the costs of businesses.

The custom brokerage and documentation are directing by our staff in order to solve any possible problem on time. Our staff is educated to find out the most suitable transportation for the advantage of our buyers.

We have special agreements with all transportation companies due to our business volume of 20.000 mtons per year. The main way is to export our products in 20’ or 40’ containers with desired quantities and conditions. Our staff follows up the following works to give our buyers the best service.

  • Informing the orders to the related production facilities.
  • Communications with the shipping lines and transportation companies.
  • Documentation.
  • Customs operations.
  • Following up the orders until delivery to our buyers.
  • Logistic success is one of the major reason of expanding our business volume permanently.
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