SUNROSE® produces well known and appreciated Sun Dried Turkish Apricots in the heart of the cultivation area, Malatya, where has the most tasty and quality Apricots in Mediterranean region.
Our Apricots are harvested at Malatya region and supplies these delicious and tasty Dried Apricots to the markets in all over the world and we pay the most attention on finest quality in order to ensure top product quality.
SUNROSE® tasty and delicious Apricots are directly dried under the sunlight, processed with special care and packed carefully in high tech processing plants to serve an excellent product to our customers.
It is great for boosting the immune system and improving skin and eye health. It contains mineral iron which helps blood production and delivers oxygen throughout the body.




Turkey is the largest producer and exporter of dried apricots and the majority of the product is coming from Malatya region. The quality and characteristics of the product is unique in the world.

Our apricot factory is located on 15.000 sqm closed area in Malatya, has the capacity of 15,000 Mt/year and accredited by ISO 22000 certificate. SUNROSE® exports 7.000 Mtons of apricots annually. There are 197 workers and 17 administrative employees working in our apricot factory.

SUNROSE® apricots range consists of:
Sulphured Apricots (Available from Type 0 to Type 8)
Unsulphured (Natural) Apricots (Available from Type 0 to Type 8)
Industrial Apricots
Diced Apricots (Available Sizes: 3-5mm, 6-8mm, 8-10mm and 10-12mm)
Apricots are classified according to their sizes from Type 0 to Type 8. Type 0 is the largest and the most expensive where Type 8 is the smallest and cheapest. Also there are industrial quality apricots and have no size number and used for food industries.

About %10-15 of the worldwide production of fresh apricots and about 75-80% of the worldwide production of dried apricots belongs to Malatya. The apricots produced in Malatya are of higher quality with respect to their taste and aroma as compared to the apricots produced in other origins.

Harvest time is determined with respect to the type of apricot, the altitude at which it is grown, due to the getting yellow of it’s color or it’s softening and getting sweet and juicy. The most suitable apricot harvest is made by hand so the fruits are not damaged during harvest and they are harvested when sufficiently ripe.

Apricots are dried by using two different methods called “Day Drying” and “Sulphuring”. Sulphuring is to shorten the time of drying process, to preserve the natural color, to prevent the product from getting infested with bugs and to increase the preservation period of dried apricots. The Day Drying is the method applied to Natural apricots which are very tasteful.

After harvesting and drying operations, the raw material comes into SUNROSE® facilities to be processed with the latest modern food processing technology. The apricots are double washed, calibrated, sorted, hand picked and table processed by the experienced staff of SUNROSE®. Afterwards the products are x-ray scanned, metal detected and packed for the storage. SUNROSE® installed a brand new SAFELINE brand X-ray system to an apricot production line for the first time in Malatya.

The products we offer are both in the form of bulk and consumer packs. Bulk products can be boxed from 5 kg to 14 kg. If consumer packs are requested there are the following types of packaging varying from 200 g to 1 kg packs of SUNROSE® Brand. Cello Packs, Plastic Tubs, Foam Trays, Carton Packs, Doy (Pouch) Packs SUNROSE ® supplies the top quality dried apricots since 1997 to the world markets and expanding its market share regularly every year.

The quality, service, reliability and customer satisfaction mentality are the keys of SUNROSE®’s success in apricot market.








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