SUNROSE® produces well known and appreciated Sun Dried Turkish Sultanas in the heart of the cultivation area, Izmir, where has the most tasty and quality Sultanas in Mediterranean region.
We are one of the major supplier of the delicious Turkish Sultanas for the world markets and we pay the most attention on finest quality in order to ensure top product quality.
SUNROSE® tasty and delicious Sultanas are directly dried under the sunlight, processed with special care and packed carefully in high tech processing plants to serve an excellent product to our customers.
Sultanas are an excellent source of energy, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for the consumers.


Turkish Sultanas and Raisins are one of the major products of SUNROSE®.

Our Sultanas factory located on 9,000 sqm in Manisa, has a capacity of 30,000 Mt/year and accredited by ISO 22000, BRC & Kosher certificates. There are four laser scanners (BEST & EPHESUS brands) which have been serial connected on a single production line which allows us to four time laser scanning of all grades Sultanas. A brand new SAFELINE X-Ray system has been installed to our production line. Electronic magnets and metal detectors are available on our production line as well. SUNROSE® exports 25.000 mtons of Sultanas annually and growing up every year with its reliability and high quality standards. There are 117 workers and 22 administrative employees working in our Sultanas factory. Our production line and washing pools are renewed in 2008. Our dried seedless Sultanas are directly collected from the Aegean region by the professional experts and processed in our high technology facilities.

The products consists of good, sound berries, typical of the current crop which have been sun dried and stored under satisfactory conditions before processing. The dried fruits are graded and received by SUNROSE® experts and stored in SUNROSE® warehouses under controlled conditions. The fruit will be sized, destemmed, screened, washed in potable water, aspirated and static picked to remove defects and foreign materials.

In the production stages, raisins are double washed, elaborated, stemmed, capstemmed, brushed, sized, mechanically cleaned and then taken to laser scanning and X-Ray sections.

SUNROSE® Sultanas range consists of:
Conventional Sultanas (Available from Type 7 to Type 11)
Thompson Raisins
Conventional Sultanas is the major type of Sultanas which is required by world markets. SUNROSE®’s Sultanas export is mainly based on conventional Sultanas by % 90 of the total export. There are mainly five types of conventional Sultanas. Type 7,8,9,10 and 11 where 7 has the darkest and 11 has the lightest color. All quality grades mentioned in technical specifications can be applied to the conventional Sultanas.
Turkish Thompson Raisins are very popular in world markets with it’s similar taste and odour to Californian style although it’s reasonable prices. This variety is called “Undipped Raisins” as well as they are not dipped to alkaline olive oil emulsion (Potasa) before sun drying which makes the drying period longer than conventional products. SUNROSE® supplies Thompson Raisins on a regular basis during the season to it’s wide customer range in the world markets.
The products we offer are both in the form of bulk and consumer packs. Bulk products can be boxed from 5 kg to 14 kg. If consumer packs are requested, there are cello bags varying from 200 gr to 1 kg under SUNROSE® brand or buyer’s brands.
You can find below the main packing types of Sultanas.



1.680 x 12,5 kg / Net “SUNROSE®” Cartons in 20’ FCL.
1.500 x 14 kg / Net “SUNROSE®” Cartons in 20’ FCL.
3.800 x 5 kg / Net “SUNROSE®” Cartons in 20’ FCL.
900 x 15 kg / Net Plastic Crates in 20’ FCL.
1.600 x 15 kg / Net Plastic Crates in 40’ FCL.


10 x 1.000 g / Net “SUNROSE®” Cello bags in 10 kg / Net Cartons
20 x 500 g / Net “SUNROSE®” Cello bags in 10 kg / Net Cartons
40 x 250 g / Net “SUNROSE®” Cello bags in 10 kg / Net Cartons
SUNROSE ® supplies top quality Sultanas and raisins to its customers worldwide.




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