Turkish Dried Figs / Turkish Market Report 16.10.2012

Dear All,

I hope all’s well with you.

We would like to share the actual market situation for dried apricots with you as follows.

The fig market is cooling down at this stage of the season as usual. The prices are stabile and we are not expecting a major change in the coming weeks. The big sizes like Type 1,2 and 3’s are getting over in the market day by day. Even Type 4 figs should be considered as the biggest possible size due to lack of raw material for the rest of the season. Because of this reason, the price difference between big and small size figs increased a lot.

The total crop size was estimated to be around 58.000 mtons for 2012-2013 season. However approximately %10 of the subject quantity is lost depending on extremely hot weather conditions during August-September months in Turkey. The berries lost too much weight during drying stage therefore the total crop size is decreased to the levels of 50.000 mtons. The subject problem caused the lack of bigger sizes in crop 2012 figs as well.

The general quality of crop 2012 figs is quite similar to crop 2011 as there is no major difference between two crop years. The majority of the crop is existing Type 5,6,7 and 8 figs for your info.

Tariş bought approximately 2.000 mtons of figs so far which doesn't have a major effect on the market. We are expecting Tariş to reach 3.500 mtons by the end of the season. The local consumption in Turkey is around 10.000 mtons as usual.

The total export quantity will reach 11.061 mtons for crop 2012 which is approximately 1.500 mtons lower than last year's exported quantity in the same period. You can find below the statistics for crop 2012 figs for your evaluation.

Please kindly ask our daily prices for figs to refresh our businesses together.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Best regards, 
Yasin Durmus 
Managing Director