Presence Aim

  • Being leader company in the market and creating customers to our company whole around the world.

  • To carry on secure financial structure on the company,

  • To contribute to Turkish economy with exporting the goods.

Company Target
Until 2010, Being best company at the market;

  • To finish instutive, technological and personnel base.

  • To build up new market with expanding product and customer range.

  • Reaching competitive prices and continue.

  • Increasing market share every year

Quality Policy

  • Maintaining customer satisfaction with producing under high quality and hygienic condition, healthy products and secure services which meet customer and legal restrictions

  • Improvement of products, workers, process and work environment.

  • We guarantee requirments and expectations of our customers, workers and society.

Our Approach

Customer Orientation

  • Converting customer feedback and complaints to the improvement chance.

  • To protect the customer principles with customer relationship.

  • To improve the customer gaining activities.

Personnel Orientation

  • Maintaining employee’s attandance and encourage the teamwork.

  • Increasing effectivity of the internal communication.

  • To build up internal education system and create joint-learning culture.

Process and Information Orientation

  • To build up short, mid, long term strategy and work plans.

  • To concentrate perfect process design

  • To increase process speed and decrease variability.

  • To decrease all loss on the process.

  • Maintaining spread of succesfull and effective applications in the company.

  • To decide with information depends on datas.

  • To activate the suppliers for high quality inputs

Quality Targets

  • To decrease lower quality cost(loss, breakdown, faults, returns, work accidents, complaints)

  • To decrease costs

  • To make instutive and technological improvments

  • To combine the process in steps.

  • To increase customer satisfaction

  • To increase rate of return

  • To increase and make the communications easier

  • To improve joint-expand culture.

  • To make perfect products with continous improvment.

  • To develop new production Technologies with open approach to the improvement.


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